From Ordinary To Influential 


The Step-by-Step Process to Build Influence, Get Premium Clients, and Achieve Expert Status in Your  Industry...

" awe of the training content and the blended learning approach" 

Chichi, - Online Training Designer

"'s not just a book about likes!"

Kailan - Social Media Strategist

"..Mel has written a helpful guide that one can practically apply right away."

Regiele, Wellness Coach

You can skip reading dozens of books and weeks of trial-and-error. Discover the simple, yet highly-effective ways to build your reputation, following, & income online…

This will work...
  • Even if you don’t have a lot of experience...
  • Even if you are a shy introvert...
  • Even if you think you don't have any accomplishments yet…​

Why I Spent More Than 10,000+ Hours Studying Personal Branding Like A Psycho...

Take 10 seconds to think about your reputation online...

Now imagine your dream client -- someone you’d do anything to work with -- was looking at your social media & searched your name on Google.

Now, be completely honest with yourself: 

Do you think you’d be someone they’d be excited to work with?
Hi, my name is Melissa Profeta. For the past few years, I’ve been helping freelancers, entrepreneurs & online business owners build an influential brand online. 

It all started 2 years ago, when I decided to spend 10,000+ hours studying personal branding, direct-response marketing, and consumer behavior & psychology.  

This obsession resulted into...
  • Building eight (8) successful businesses from scratch…
  • Speaking on stage in front of thousands of people…
  • ​Collaborating with Filipino millionaires...
  • Partnering with big name influencers in the country...
  • Becoming a mini-celebrity my audience & ideal clients trust...
I'm a living proof that...

Influential Branding Can Transform Your Life & Business In Just A Few Months...

I didn’t intend to become an influential branding strategist. 

In fact, there were NO SIGNS I’d go down this path... 

I was the typical shy introvert. I wouldn’t speak unless spoken to. I was content living inside my own bubble.  

But due to circumstances in my life, I had to break out of my shell. 

You see... 

At 21 years old, I got pregnant. Since then, I worked different jobs to make sure my daughter would have an amazing life.  

Unfortunately, life had its own plans.

My partner and I started a business that eventually went bankrupt.  

Everything went great at first. We grew our income, found an office, and even hired a few employees.  


We eventually lost everything due to financial mismanagement. We lost millions worth of assets in just a few months.  

I had less than a hundred pesos in our bank account.

At one point, we almost got kicked out of our own apartment. 

Fast forward to today, we have 8 businesses.  

What did I do to turn it all around? 

Well, you already know the answer --- I slowly built a profitable brand for myself and my businesses.

A brand that has a high perceived value.
A brand that people respect, follow, and admire.

A brand that’s seen and revered by clients, customers and even the competition. 

If you want to experience the same results I did, build a profitable brand...

...and the first step in doing that? 


You Need To Cultivate Your Reputation First...

At its core, your reputation is your personal brand. 

And as you already know, your reputation is CRUCIAL whether you have a traditional business or an online business.  

If you have a bad reputation (or no reputation at all), no one will trust you. No one will buy from you. No one will work with you. 

You don’t want that, right? 

That’s why I want to share with you three simple steps to cultivate a good brand reputation:

Step #1: Build an Influential Identity

Whether you like it or not, your ideal clients & customers want to work with entrepreneurs who they *perceive* as influential.

Keyword there is *perceive* alright?  

You don’t have to prove you’re influential.You don’t have to count your followers. You don’t need to gather all your testimonials.  

You simply need to be “perceived” as influential.  

How do you do that? Well, that’s where step #2 comes in.

Step #2: Have a Visibility Plan

You need to be seen by your ideal clients & customers. Otherwise, they won’t work with you. They won’t buy from you.

Thanks to social media, you can be seen by industry experts without leaving your homes. 


You must find a way to be seen & be visible WHILE cutting through the noise & rise above the competition.  

You’re not the only one doing this, after all.  

So how do you make sure you stand out? Proceed to step #3...

Step #3: Leverage Your Credibility

You already have credibility. You have skills and talents you’re competent & excellent at.

The question now is: Does your ideal clients & customers know this? 

One quick way to leverage credibility is to demonstrate. You teach. You provide value. You help.  

But, you have to execute this in a strategic way.  

You need to have a step-by-step plan. 

That’s exactly what I showed my students...

Here’s What Happened When My Students Executed This Simple 3-Step System...

Bo Moldez
" It's surprising how jam-packed this book is in ONLY 102 pages! It demystifies and provides the right activities to use in your journey to create your own unique and strategic brand. It is written in a way that anyone can fully understand. "
ChiChi Espinosa - Calalang
Owner of Wahmbox Solutions and SEO Strategist
" The training activities we had is challenging but so liberating. It helps me see how to leverage and include my personality to the products and services I am providing. Helping others to make their dreams become reality. I am really thankful. "

Now, I Want To Make This Simple 3-Step System Work For You!

Yes, I know this looks deceptively simple. 

There's no step saying you must have a branded website.  

There's no step saying you must schedule a photo shoot. 

Because even without a website or a professional photo, you can still  be seen as an expert, get premium clients, and build a loyal following.  

You simply need to know EXACTLY how to execute this system, step-by-step… 

...and that’s exactly what I want to give you.  

After years of teaching this to my students and mentees, I decided to write a book where I reveal EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to execute these 3-steps flawlessly.  

I call this book...

"Explode Your Influence"

How to Build Your Very Own Profitable Personal Brand

with Clarity, Direction & Confidence 

This is a 102-page book where I’ll show you how to effectively execute the three steps above. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn inside:  
  • ​What “Influential Identity Components” you must have first before you start marketing yourself online...
  • How to pass the "Secretary Test" & get in-touch with the CEO, CMO, COO or any decision you'd like with a few phone calls...
  • The Brand Personality Formula: knowing this will eliminate guesswork and will make you lightyears ahead of your competition in personal branding...
  • My version of "jab, jab, jab, hook" and why my clients must be MORE EXCITED to work with me before I work with them...
  • The simple (yet powerful) secret to captivating your audience using videos, posts, and blogs...
  • ​How to subtly write & embed social signals in your posts that let your audience feel you're honest, sincere, and trustworthy...
  • ​The different "emotional states" your audience experience (PLUS how to write to each for maximum impact and engagement)...
  • ​You only need TWO THINGS to create a content plan. I reveal what these two are in page 42...
  • How to connect with BIG NAME INFLUENCERS in the Philippines and abroad...
  • The Online Community Domination Tactic: the exact strategy I used to secure partnerships, collaborations, and deals with big businesses & influencers...
  • ​​How to hi-jack attention online in 3 easy steps...
  • ​How to Give Value on Your Feed: The 8 Content Themes You Can Write and Publish Every Single Month on FB, IG, LI, YT, and other social media platforms. 
  • How to identify what emotional triggers & formats to use to make sure your posts have high engagement, dozens of reactions, and comments...
  • The seven (7) questions you must ask yourself before starting a group (and why not answering can derail your branding efforts)...
  • The eight (8) steps to achieving higher perceived value in your niche --- so you never have to worry about getting clients or low offers anymore...
  • ​​What five (5) different brand assets you can create to accelerate your industry influence...
  • ​The three (3) steps you can take to gain expert status fast...
What you read was just a sneak peek. You'll learn so much more inside. 

How am I so sure? 

Because dozens of Filipinos have already bought this book.

Here's What They Think About

“Explode Your Influence”

"Overwhelmed in a good way"

- Gel Anne

"I feel challenged "

- Tinjan Laguna

"Roller coaster Coach "

- ChiChi Calalang

"Out of my comfort zone "

- Iyah E. Aguilar

"Makes me feel good "

- Shirley Mae Japay

"Overwhelmed in a good way"

- Gel Anne

"I feel challenged "

- Tinjan Laguna

"Roller coaster Coach "

- ChiChi Calalang

"Out of my comfort zone "

- Iyah E. Aguilar

"Makes me feel good "

- Shirley Mae Japay

In a nutshell, what they’re saying is…

This Book Contains Proven Techniques & Tactics That Resulted In Millions Of Pesos Earned

Like I said, it took me 10,000+ hours, numerous failed attempts, and a lot of sleepless nights to find a winning formula that works. 

All you have to do is read the book, apply what I teach, and patiently wait to get results --- the kind of results that took me years to get. 


You had to attend my workshops, seminars, buy my online courses, or get personal mentoring from me.  

You had to pay thousands of pesos to learn this.  

My personal mentoring starts at P75,000.  

The online courses (where I teach this) are priced at P29,995 or more.  

If you want to attend my workshops or seminars, you had to pay at least P4,995. 

But you won’t have to pay that much to get this book.  

You won’t even have to pay P1,000. 

You Can Get “Explode Your Influence” For

Only P795 

(But Only on This Page)

I'm planning to sell this on Amazon and other outlets. Once that happens, the price for this book will skyrocket.


Because the outlets (like Amazon), will add a few hundred pesos so they can profit.  

Once this book starts appearing in bookshelves in Manila, you’ll also have to pay for shipping. 

If you buy now, you only pay P795 and the shipping is FREE.

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Why Buy This Now?

You’re losing money each day you don't control your brand.

Let’s imagine your dream client again looking at your social media profile and searching for you on Google. 

If they don’t like what they see, where do you think your clients are going? 

You guessed right... 

They’re going to your competition.  

Each day that happens, your competition’s brand grows. While yours shrinks. 

If you continue to delay for the next few days, weeks, and months…

By the time you’ve started, it’s already too late.  

That’s why don’t wait...

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It’s You Or Your Competition

You have the power right now to decide who wins. It’s either you or the competition.


Most people take years to learn what's inside “Explode Your Influence.” 

Me? It took me two years and countless heartbreaks and sleepless nights. 

But you? 

You can learn EVERYTHING YOU NEED in just a week... 

...and you're on your way to becoming an influential, respected, and a revered expert in your niche. 

You want to win.

You want to be seen as an expert. 

You know you’re ready. 

All that’s left is to…

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To Becoming More Than An Influencer,

Melissa Profeta